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Running SyntheticDataGenerator.exe displays basic usage information

SyntheticDataGenerator v1.0.0.0

(c) Copyright 2011 Arthur Pitman
This program is made available under GNU General Public License (Version 2)
An open-source C# market-basket synthetic data generator based on the IBM Quest
Market-Basket Synthetic Data Generator.

Usage: SyntheticDataGenerator lit | tax | seq [options]
The program supports three modes:

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sudhakarcsbhu Feb 28, 2015 at 4:17 AM 
I had tried it and my config file content is as below. I could not understand the content of patterns file. In transactions file all lines contain only two items, why? Thanks in anticipation.

AverageTransactionLength=10, ItemCount=100
Filename="transactions1.txt", RandSeed=0
Large Item Set Patterns:
PatternCount=100, AveragePatternLength=4, Correlation=0.25, AverageConfidence=0.75, ConfidenceVariance=0.1